Sunday, July 30, 2006

Le Gossip

Dude, what's up with Mel Gibson? Remember when he was actually cute and sort of goofy? Now he's just the passionate religious guy who's thinks it's normal to look like Osama.

...I have no words...what the hell happened to Mel Gibson??? Where did he go wrong??? Someone get this man a stylist or a razor or a bag to put over his head.

I've had a really really good weekend. Friday night I went to the Leos Sports Club summer party which was sponsered by Porsche. It was the first time where I've been to a party in Munich that felt like it was happened, very Sex and the City. I danced, chatted, sat on the hood of a silver Porsche and took full advantage of the open bar. It's okay, because on Saturday my hangover took full advantage of me. I spent the better part of the evening lounging on a chair on a balcony while friends barbequed. It was pretty sweet. I love summer.

I'll leave you guys with something easy on the eyes (and ears): my new favorite video, Sexy Back from Justin Timberlake. And let me tell you, he DEFINITELY does bring sexy back. I love this video, it reminds me of Madonna circa Erotica and Too Funky from George Michael. Very 90s. Very trendy. And very HOT :). Enjoy!

[Due to technical difficulties (ie. my technical incapabilities) we (ie. I) can't directly embed the video. So here's is a link to it:]


Saturday, July 22, 2006

Le Fashion Victim

My iBook is such a fashion victim. I mean, she can't even leave the house without being draped in Louis Vuitton cotton sack. Even at home she won't touch my desk and rests on her LV thrown. Recently she decided that she must to have a little iPet a la Paris Hilton and Misha Barton. After months of arguing, I finally gave in and bought an iPod nano.

They are very adorable together in an I-think-I'm-gonna-be-sick sort of way.

We brought it home today and it's soooo tiny! She immediately got to work decorating it:

Have a good weekend everybody!

Electronically Independent Woman

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Le Fortune

I recently took a really interesting personality test which gave me both beautiful and tragic results. It was sent to me by my friend Keith ( and I just wanted to share it with everyone:

You must pick either...

1) The slide
2) The round-a-bout
3) The small chair thing that's shaped like a chicken that’s got a huge spring underneath it that bobs around.




Personality breakdown:

This shows that your personality is bubbly and people love to be around you. All your friends think you're great and want to be you. You have character, maybe some people consider you to be down right weird, but whatever it is your quirky nature gets you noticed. Your favorite past time is just chilling out.


You will marry a block of cheese at some point in the next 10 years, only to get divorced after you find out the cheese as been cheating on you with a Mongolian cheese merchant called Rumberdinkogo. You'll change career a couple of times, but you'll never find anything that really makes you happy as to be truly happy you would do nothing. You'll travel in space.

Lucky Numbers:

1, 2 and 3.

I wonder what kind of easy cheese I will end up with. Probably an irresistible parmesan. Sluty Italian fromage. Too bad I love it so much. I just hope it all happens soon so that I have time to find someone new after the divorce. Overall I really like the test, although I have never been called weird by one of these things before. Usually these things are full of empty compliments, but this one feels like it was written by someone who really knows me. Interesting.

Speaking of cheese, would any of you eat cheese from the bottom of an oven? I don’t mean if you were forced to at gun point, I mean if you were toasting mozzarella cheese tomato sandwiches and some mozzarella dripped onto the bottom of the clean oven floor and you scooped it up with a spoon and shoved it into your mouth. Would you do that? Nah, me neither.


Friday, July 14, 2006

Le Bastille Day

Today is Bastille Day. I decided to celebrate by seizing the day during lunchtime. Somehow living for the moment and enjoying your lunch seems to epitomize the French spirit to me. I left work alone and walked to towards Blutenburgstrasse where I found a cozy little Italian Osteria with outside seating in the shade. I sat down at a worn square wooden table decorated with a water glass filled with daisies and a light blue wooden chair that reminded me of the pastel-colored buildings on the hillside at Cannes. I ordered a coke, which the friendly waitress brought in a Maxim’s glass. I placed my open book on my lap while I watched people go by, carrying groceries; children ate ice cream while adults went about their daily chores. I could smell musty books and wooden furniture as Frank Sinatra’s voice serenaded me through the open window of the restaurant. It’s moments like these when you pause life for a moment and allow yourself to take a peek.

I recently read an article on Korean photographer Atta Kim in the New York Times. He uses a special technique where he exposes film for long periods of time, which often results in blurred images. One photograph in particular stayed with me; a busy New York street corner exposed for eight hours showing nothing but buildings, traffic lights and the streets. Though they had passed through, people and cars barely left their trace. Here, life had taken place in between all the weddings, appointments, dates and planned vacations. It may be those moments we remember most, but it is the in betweens that take up most of our time. Just like white light is made up of several colors, this photograph documenting the action of a busy corner in the city that never sleeps is little more than blurry emptiness. Everything is nothingness.
Source: (

Have a beautiful weekend.

I also seized the day today to FINALLY purchase a camera ☺. Yes, after three months of trying to pick one, I decided on the Panasonic below. She is very beautiful. I haven’t tried her out yet, but I have decorated a Hello Kitty sticker on her so she’s pretty much good to go!

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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Le Virus.Final

Today was the last day of the world cup. Throughout the whole event, I watched a total of six games, learned the names of half of the German team, adopted the French team as mine to cheer on, screamed at the TV like a psychotic fan, ran up and down Leopoldstrasse drunk, had extensive discussions about matches over the phone with my sister and came thisclose to purchasing polyester. In an attempt to avoid being in a state of denial, I must admit that I had the virus all along.

It was inevitable since it was the only thing everybody around me could talk about. I am also tragically drawn to chaos like a moth to a flame and the world cup brought an excellent amount of craziness to Germany. Leopoldstrasse was closed down almost every night, fans sang on the 53 bus on my way home from work, u-bahns were filled to the brim, stores were open later than usual, all kinds of languages filled the usually-empty streets and people littered (!) without a care. I am especially proud of the Germans who, whenever winning a game, poured out onto Leopoldstrasse and walked up and down the street drinking beer, while some stood and drank beer and the really crazy ones sang and waved flags. They really came out of their shell.

Right now the streets of Schwabing are filled with people celebrating tonight’s Italian victory. Tomorrow the streets will be clean again, tourists will go back home, and locals will resume their everyday lives with an added sense of nationalistic pride. It was nice having everybody in town for some partying, but it is time things return to normal. I leave you with some lovely pictures of two of my favorite players. With such pretty faces, it is easy to see why I succumbed to the lure of le virus.

Jens Lehmann

Zinedine Zidane
French Captain

Congratulations Italy!


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Le Charity

Dear Readers (yes, all eight of you, even those who can't read the font and just log on for the pretty colors),

I normally try to keep this blog entertaining, but today I must appeal to your charitable side. As you may have heard, there is a serious crisis going on in California at the moment; namely the Hollywood food shortage. Good ol’ Arnie just got rid of one too many farms and now the entire region is slowly running out of food. Our beloved celebrities are the first ones to take a blow. Over the past couple of years, it was them who taught us to help those in need, and today, it is the rich and famous that are less fortunate. So while remembering that we are the world, we are the children, we must help send food to these people before something drastic happens, like TV shows getting canceled and stuff.

Below are some shocking photos of some celebrities as they slowly waste away, hungry and crying out for your help. The photographs are not for the faint hearted (Le Blog accepts no responsibilities for injuries incurred by photographs).

Nicole Richie
Daughter of famous singer; reality show super star; Paris Hilton foe; party girl
Last Ate: 8 August, 2004

Lindsay Lohan
Actress; singer; acclaimed party girl
Last Ate: 2 July, 2005

The Olsen Twins
Twins; entrpreneurs; millionaires; actresses
Last Ate: 9 December, 1985

Mischa Barton
Actress; stick
Last Ate: 4 April, 2002

Jessica Alba
Actress; former hotty
Last Ate: 9 March, 2005

Please help these starving people, they are relying on you. Send any food or cheques to the Feed Hollywood Foundation (email me for details).

A carrot today can save a bubble gum TV show tomorrow.