Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Le Art of Living

I love taking ordinary moments and making them special. Like taking the time to buy fresh baguette on a Saturday morning to serve yourself a delicious breakfast for one. Or getting all dressed up to go to a museum, an occasion that perhaps merits it more than others since you are showing respect to the artist who spent all that time and turmoil on the pieces you will see. Or like the scene in Sideways where he finally drinks his special bottle of wine in a fast food restaurant, taking the present moment and turning it into perfection rather than waiting for the perfect moment.

There are few, if any, that speak of the art of living. There is living for material items, for the next thrill in life, for work, for love, for addictions and for other people. But the art of living, like other art forms, seeks to create perfection and expression; but rather than tell a story, you live it, like the main character in your own movie. I guess some people would call this performance art, but it's not quite the same thing. While performance art is created in a specific setting and on certain occasions, the art of living is about creating perfection, balance and beauty out of ordinary life. It is wearing an outfit that perfectly expresses the mood of the weather and the people around you. It is celebrating your first laptop with a lovely dinner, than just waiting for another birthday to come around. It's finding 20 dollars on the street and buying a book and hot and sour soup. It is listening to Inna City Mama while riding the subway in New York. It is street jazz performed in Paris on a hot sticky day.

I wish all you budding artists a beautiful Tuesday evening.