Monday, May 12, 2008

Le 28th Birthday

I spent the days leading up to my 28th birthday in a frenzy. It wasn't 28 that was getting to me, but 30, which was suddenly in plain sight and staring me down. I was also a bit down about celebrating so far from my family and Europe friends. However when 28 did arrive, I had a wonderful weekend.

The night before my birthday, I went out with friends and caught up with everybody in a chill environment. I love being surrounded by people. The next day, which was my actual birthday, I went out for brunch in Freemans restaurant which is located in an ally in NOLITA.

Afterwards we walked around SOHO and went to some of my happy places; a bookstore, Dean & DeLuca and a street market. I loved the walk.

When we finished, we went back uptown closer to home to have some dinner at Boat Basin on the Hudson River. We sat and watched the water while we waited for our table.

After dinner of hot dogs, cole slaw and coke it was time to call it a day. As we walked home, they sun was making it's graceful exit in time for night.

I love being 28. I feel more confident than I ever have and feel like I am one inch closer to who I really am.