Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Le Carnival in Paris

If the pope was a woman by Vivienne Westwood

Today was a carnival in Paris, specifically painted eyebrow day. It was quite amusing to see what fun ideas the designers came up with. Aside from that Christian Dior pulled off an AMAZING show with very dreamy clothing. All images courtesy of

Painted eyebrows by Balenciaga

Painted eyebrows by Comme des Garcons

Painted eyebrows by Christian Dior

I touch myself by Comme des Garcons

Minny Mouse touches herself by Comme des Garcons

Cute coat by Comme des Garcons

Nice skirt by Christian Dior

Freshness by Christian Dior

Class by Christian Dior

My favorite by Christian Dior

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Le Geekiness in Paris

Beauty and the Geek

I have discovered the best bad show ever. EVER. It's called Beauty and the Geek, executive produced by Ashton Kutcher and Jason Goldberg, the guys behind punk'd. It's about 8 'geeky' boys who have to live in a house with 8 'beautiful' women. They are then paired up and have to complete challenges together. The geeks learn not to be afraid of women and the beauties learn how to read. Each week one team is eliminated until one team wins 250,000 dollars. It. Is. Awesome. Click above to watch an episode. I take no responsibility if you get hooked.

Geekiness was the running theme on the runways in Paris today as Martin Margiela's rendition of Star Wars faced off against Undercover's inner Trekkie. It was pretty heated and both designers were spectacular, however it was Viktor & Rolf who took the cake head gear or something. The day was not in vain though, since I found a blanket, perfectly cosy for the fall. All images courtesy of

Cosy blanket by A.F. Vandevorst

The geek-off begins...

Attack of the shoulder pads by Maison Martin Margiela

Star Wars fun by Maison Martin Margiela

Star Trek by Undercover

The aliens, they're out to get you're brain for a...

...handbag by Undercover

And the winner is...

Glamour head gear by Viktor & Rolf

Em...LOL by Viktor & Rolf

More galactic fun...

Space fashion by Wunderkind

If Princess Lea lived in the 80s by Yohji Yamamoto

Monday, February 26, 2007

Le Disco in Paris

Disco by Balmain

If I could I would always wear flared pants. They are just so much more flattering on women with hips than skinny jeans. And maybe my wish will come true thanks to Balmain's disco fever on the runway, including a series of neat low-cut black flared pants. Sigh. Paris is definitely off to a good start. All images courtesy of

Flared pants baby!! by Balmain

Fabulous! by Balmain

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Le End of MRTWF2007FW

Hot by Versace

A very sleek week (hehe) has come to end in Milan. Next week we are off to Belle Paris and I cannot wait to go home and see what all the designers there have to offer for Fall. On the last day in Milan I picked up a couple of bits and pieces from the last shows and discovered Luisa Beccaria who I really liked. All images courtesy of

Elegant by Luisa Beccaria

Cute white coat by Luisa Beccaria

Hot pink by Luisa Beccaria

Fabulous fur by Blumarine

Blumarine does little 'black' riding hood

Le Britney's Night in the Valley

So wrong...but soooooo funny by David Spade. Enjoy.

Le Vogue-Control Issue

Runway shot of the Dolce & Gabbana show

I was really excited this month when I received my issue of Vogue because there was a headline called "I'm Worth It: Taking Control of Your Look and Life" on the cover. I thought it would be an interesting in-depth article on taking control of your life, all philosophical and stuff. It wasn't. It was just a photo spread on dresses and anoraks at a construction site. So that you look like you are in control while in reality you are like, dieing inside. That's okay though, I still love my Vogue and they had other smart articles to make up for it. French Vogue is offering desktop pictures on its website for those interested ( I love the pink fluffy dress, it is very much in the spirit of spring.

Anyhoo, time to put the spotlight back on Milan. I love love loved Emporio Armani's fall collection, it was just a feast for the eyes. All images courtesy of

Sigh, so Studio 60 has probably been cancelled, but at this point it is for the better. They changed the story and it became predictable and painful rather than the excellent show it once was. And on Britney...I just feel really sorry for her. Does anyone else think she should get back together with KFed? He's taking care of the kids now, went to visit her in rehab today and seems to be the only one who can kind of control her. I don't know, maybe everyone was wrong about him the whole time? What do you think, y'all?

Hot black mini dress by Anna Molinari

Lovely - even if it would make me look pregnant - by Derercuny

Love the pearls under the shirt look, even if the shirt is hanous by Emporio Armani

Shiny by Emporio Armani

Sexy off shoulder knit by Emporio Armani

Precious coat by Emporio Armani

Cute outfit by Emporio Armani

Elegant black coat by Emporio Armani

Hello prom by Emporio Armani

Green dress with belt by Marni

Cape with pockets by Roberto Cavalli

Love this outfit by Alessandro+Dell'Acqua

Funky by Fendi

Blue dress by Moschino

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Le Milan RTW Fall 2007 Fashion Week

Fabulous pink trench by D&G

Oh Milano, Milano! Italian Fashion Week has begun and how. I was a glutton when it came to Alberta Ferretti, Bottega Veneta and Giorgio Armani. Everything on the runways over the past two days was so smooth and shiny, almost fluid in materials and cuts. Bottega Veneta seemed paid tribute to Audrey Hepburn with his classy collection. All images courtesy of

Audrey Hepburn by Bottega Veneta

Gorgeous suit by Bottega Veneta

Perfect for a piano bar by Bottega Veneta

Perfect to sit around the house by Etro

Sleek white coat by Jil Sander

Equally sleek white dress by Jil Sander

Pure class by Giorgio Armani

Chic by Giorgio Armani

Modern by Alberta Ferretti

Pleats by Alberta Ferretti

Purple shine by Alberta Ferretti

Twenties hat by Maurizio Pecoraro