Friday, February 27, 2009

Le Analog to Digital

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Le Contents of My Suitcase


When I packed for my big move to New York City from Munich, I chose things I love, things that made me happy, and special finds that I rarely used but loved dearly. I didn't think I would need anything too practical, since I thought I would get settled very quickly.

Today, I would like to share with you, some of the contents of my suitcase for my move from Munich to New York:

Two pairs of jeans
Countless dresses/skirts
A few sweaters
Towel - Hello Kitty design
Face towel - pink
Face products
Prada perfume
White patent leather boots
Elegant fall coat (not warm enough for NY winter)
Home made pink scarf
Hot blue leather gloves
My CD collection
4.5 mm wooden knitting needles
Furry yarn - Pink
Hello Kitty stickers
Pink gym bag
Gym shoes
Four fedora hats
Fur stole from Zara
Pink feather evening bag
All work recommendations and articles I had written
Mini disk player with a set of empty mini disks
The Notebook


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Le Pet Shop Boys - Rent

I recently rediscovered this 80s classic.



Thursday, February 19, 2009

Le Time Out NY

Time Out NY Issue 699

Dear Entity Who Sent Me A Time Out NY Magazine,

I came home last night from a merry night out, to find Time Out NY Issue 699 February 19-25, 2009 (pictured above) in my mailbox. Upon closer inspection, I found my name and address correctly spelled on the label, beneath a series of numbers and letters. This was obviously not a mistake, but completely intentional and well-thought out. I was puzzled. I have not purchased a subscribtion to TONY, nor have I recently entered any competitions where the grand prize was randomly receiving unwanted magazines in the mail.

I have one question for you: why?

Could someone secretly gave me a gift subscribtion? Was it you? But why not send me a nice note announcing the impending magazine? Why just do it so sneakily, behind my back, so that I have to come home and experience this kind of shock in the lobby of my apartment building? Who are you???

Or was it the publisher? You know I just renewed my subscription to New York Magazine, right? I have no interest in other publications about the same city. And why just send me an issue? What sick game are you playing? Is this supposed to be some sort of promotion? Well, to me you are nothing more than a petty drug dealer, giving out free drugs to children and then making them pay once they are addicted. I shall not be promoted to! Maybe you will even send me a bill at one point, claiming I read the magazine and so should pay you for it. Are you watching me right now???

And while we're at it, what the hell is up with your magazine? It's so confusing, I can't even tell the difference between the ads and the articles. Do you only hire people who have ADD?

I think you are vile for playing these games.

Know that I will find you.


Saturday, February 14, 2009

Le Love Today

Mike - Love Today

Happy Valentines Day! I hope you have a day full of love, no matter whom you spend today with. I'm off soon to go see girls get rejected in "He's just not that into you" followed by dinner with some girls.


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Le Peter Max


Just discovered Peter Max and he's amazing. Modern but still warm and tangible. His website also offers Ecards which I think are perfect for sending to friends on Valentines Day.


Angel in Pink

Monday, February 09, 2009

Le Angel-A

A movie about an angel who comes down to earth in order to help a 28 year old man understand how to stand still and enjoy life. Takes place in Paris.

Enjoy :)

Le Standing Still in the City That Never Sleeps


I recently realized that every since I moved to New York City, I have been pursuing something. Whether it was employment, an apartment, a drivers license, new friends or whatever, I was always on the go. I worked so hard to move to the city, and haven't even had the chance to enjoy it. So I decided it was time to stop the never-ending pursuit of perfection, and just live for a while.

I started off by sleeping a ton. I was sooo exhausted from all the stress of moving here and you can't really enjoy anything fully if you are always tired. Therefore I make my bed every morning so that each evening, I can rest my head in a comfortable and clean environment. I keep my apartment clean so that every night I come home and my mind can rest too. I only do things I want to do. If I want to go home at 10 and go to bed, I do so. I have removed all the social pressure to go out and act like I am still 22. Instead, I enjoy take out Chinese food while catching up on TV shows. Similarly, I have been spending quality time with my few friends in the city, and enjoying meaningful chatter over coffee. And I don't worry about losing weight, and just eat what I feel like eating, which in return, means that I have stopped overeating since I am not stressing out anymore.

Today, I went to the movies alone for the first time in my life. I was looking forward to the date with me. I went to see Man's Castle, a romantic movie from 1933. I took myself out for a delicious breakfast (which included Nutella), and walked around Soho admiring all the little shops and basking in the sun.

And now I am ending my day in my pajamas, drinking tea and blogging, not because I have to but because I want to. I am happy since the joy of writing has returned, now that I decided to stop and smell the roses.


Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Le 25 Random Things About Me


1. When I go to foreign countries I LOVE to go to supermarkets and discount stores, just to see what they have. I always make sure to look at the chocolate, soaps and shampoo. This is why I have socks from Ireland and gummi bears from Germany.

2. I am a gummi bear racist and will eat them in the following order of preference: red, green, orange, the other pale ones.

3. I am secretly planning a world tour with a friend where the only song we will play is Michael Jackson's 'Earth Song', and actually just the part where he throws himself on the ground and screams with his shirt open. Our performance will consist of taking turns standing in front of a wind machine, sliding across the stage and screaming "ahhhhh" together with Michael.

4. I was born in Bavaria and like any true Bavarian, began drinking beer with my dad when I was 4.

5. After a long day at work I go home and eat olives out of a jar, standing up, with one foot over the other.

6. I think I would make a great spy, and would wear red boots all the time.

7. I constantly practice for a guest appearance on Oprah one day. Usually I work on my jokes and what I will be wearing. The outfits vary depending on the reason I am on her show. If it is to promote a book, I would wear boots. If I saved the world, I think I would have to go more low key and go with stilettos. On both occassions, though, my hair would be fabulous.

8. I still cuddle with my sister.

9. I love my clothes, bags and shoes and have been told that I treat them like people. I think that is a nice compliment because I never throw any away and won't let anyone else wash them lest they get ruined.

10. I love fixing things and am handy. When I was little I used to follow the handy men around the house and just watch them fix stuff. That was awesome.

11. I love watching cooking shows. I find it soothing.

12. I can recognize almost any joke that has been on Friends and can usually pinpoint it to the episode.

13. I am HYPER organized and clean. If you use the wrong sponge in my home you get a dirty look and I get an anxiety attack.

14. When I am happy I dance.

15. Listening to Madonna makes me very happy, especially her older music and her older interviews.

16. If I was forced to give up one of my languages, I think it would be English or German. I can't give up Azerbaijani because I can't do that to my parents, and French is just too pretty.

17. I don't know how you would be forced to give up a language, but I think you should be mentally prepared for any scenario.

18. Buttons on a duvet cover HAVE to be on top, otherwise I will not sleep there.

19. I often play out a scenario in my head of my airplane getting hi-jacked, and what I would do to defeat the bad guys. Again, I just like to be mentally prepared.

20. I hate megaphones and when I hear protestors yelling into them I always have the impulse to run into a bunker and hide from the oncoming war.

21. I hate conflict.

22. When I moved to NY I did not bring a winter coat. I did however bring a pink-feather evening purse and hello kitty stickers. They did not keep me warm.

23. When I finish a really good book, I sometimes get homesick for it. The last such book I read was 'One Hundred Years of Solitude'.

24. Sometimes I am scared of the dark and I have to convince myself there is no one there.

25. I keep all of my shoes in shoe boxes and have them labeled with post its. The labels include a name and an abstract drawing of the shoe. Some find this funny. I find it very normal and necessary.