Monday, January 12, 2009

Le Single in the City

I began the new year as a single girl in New York. Albeit the sadness, it's also a strange feeling, as if I was a goldfish in a bowl and someone drove me to the big wide ocean and threw me in, and said, "Here, it's playtime." And here I am, a single goldfish in the big colorful ocean of New York City.

This shift spurred me to look at my life and see what else needs to be changed. A very tough year and a half left me a perpetually worried and nervous person. Thus I wrote new year's resolutions (below) which will hopefully help lead me back to calm.

1. Listen to my instincts
2. Do things that make me happy
3. Listen to my instincts
4. Just have as much fun as possible
5. Listen to my instincts
6. Don't think practical first, think what I love and what makes me happy first.

Resolution #6: Aquisition of a mini sewing machine

7. Listen to my instincts
8. Listen to my instincts
9. Listen to my instincts

Happy [belated] New Year!