Thursday, June 22, 2006

Le Virus.3

I almost got killed by the virus yesterday. I was on U6 u-bahn headed towards the stadium via the city center and made the near-fatal error of trying to get off at Marienplatz. There I was, facing about 350 raging football fans with just my purse and my brand new hot pink Motorola Razr phone still in the box to defend myself with. But I somehow managed to squeeze myself through the airtight crowd and get out the other end in one piece with my purse and phone still alive.

The trip back home was great though. I ventured back down to the Marienplatz u-bahn and stood back to watch all the crowds brimming with energy as they waiting for more trains to lug them to the stadium. They cheered and whistled everytime an u-bahn came in. It’s hard to believe considering that normally people almost talk in whispers at u-bahn stations here. And now there is noise. Noise! It was awesome, all that energy was so infectious it just made me smile, even though it had almost killed me an hour earlier. I guess everything has its price.


Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Le Sade

I love how certain songs and certain lines of songs can transport you on a trip down memory lane or to lives you’ve never lived. Whenever I hear Sade’s beautiful, delicate voice, I suddenly find myself in New York City on a warm summer night. The sound of the opening chords of ‘Like a Tattoo’ sees me standing at a window looking out at all the shiny skyscrapers standing tall like soldiers. I can smell summer in the air and feel home right below my heart where my instincts lie. This place, this image has been in my memory since I was a child. I have yet to find out its meaning, I have yet to live in New York City, and I have yet to find home. Until then, I relax and simply relish the journeys my mind takes on musical highs.

Tomorrow I am off to a foreign land to visit a dear friend in Dublin and I can’t wait to see how both will stretch my mind and inspire me. I wish you all a lovely weekend and I will be back next week hopefully with lots of photos and stories to share with you.

Le Breens

In case you haven't figured it out, the little pink boxes are music players. Just press play :)!

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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Le Army

Something’s going down. I can feel it. Some sort of cult or organized religion has started to emerge and it is catching on like crazy. People belonging to this group are undistinguishable from others save for one tiny detail: The White Headphones. They are everywhere; the street, the u-bahn, even on TV. The iPod army building up, waiting to take over the world.

I shall not stand for it. I’m going to wear black headphones in protest and invent an mp3 player and call it the antiipod or ‘aPod’ for short. It will be bulky, ugly, hard to use and bad quality. We’ll show them. And then I shall put up a music website called antitunes or ‘aTunes’. Only it will not sell music but sounds such as bells, cow moos, clanking and the soothing tunes of a vacuum cleaner. The aPod will only work with aTunes. It’s okay, each sound can be used on three computers, one aPod and burned onto CD. For your listening pleasure.


Monday, June 05, 2006

Le Virus.2

The city has gone crazy. The first game hasn’t even started yet and there are already football products popping up everywhere. Everyone wants a piece of it. So far I have seen:

- BBQ Grill in shape of a football – what?
- Porcelain football cow – I guess this is for lonely people. You know, the guy who has no one to watch the games with so he sits down on the couch with a beer in hand and the little porcelain cow with football prints next to him to keep him company. Actually that’s kind of sad. I hope he gets a really hot girlfriend one day to make up for the lonely football cow year.
- Hello Kitty sponge wearing a World Cup 2006 dress – I have already written a formal letter of complaint to Sanrio. This is just disgusting. I am so disappointed.
- Football toilet paper - hehe
- Dishes, cups and china – who would buy this? Seriously?? Would you? Please write and let me know why if you would. And explain to me why in the world I would want to drink my soup out of a football bowl. And what about in 2 years, when this whole mess is over? You’re gonna be the guy serving pizza and beer in an old football plate and matching cup to some chick you brought home. That's not really gonna impress her you know.
- Mini football that you put in a closed space (fridge, shelf) and that yells “Tor” (goal) every time you open the door - actually I thought this was sort of cool just because I really like noise :d
- Football print tights on a little 8 year old girl – okay, this is considered child abuse in civilized countries. Why in the world would you do this to an innocent child? Why????