Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Le Letting Go in Brooklyn


So letting go...it's an interesting concept. I mean, it's so easy to say. Let go, just let go. Stop being bitter. Stop being angry. Stop being in love with that guy, he doesn't love you back, just let go. Move on. I mean, Zach Braff even wrote a whole movie about it. But unlike his Garden State, most people don't have Miss Nathalie Portman by their side holding their hand. When it came to letting go of my friends...I was okay. It was my family that got me when I first got to Brooklyn. I missed them. I missed them when they said goodbye at the airport, when I got on the plane, off the plane and for the first week I was in this country. How do I let go of them? Of the sadness? Of the fact that they will not be here to share my life with me?

The answer came to me last night at around 10 pm. I was sitting here at my Mac when I got a dose of wanderlust and started roaming around the net, checking out blogs, reading gossip news. And every time I read the word New York, it hit me like a small electric charge. I'm in New York City. I'M in New York City. Me! Here! (Well, okay that isn't entirely true. I am actually in Brooklyn at the moment, you know, the country that lies somewhere between Pakistan and immigrant Soviet Israel. But close enough :)) The realization hit me hard. And I felt a bit of my sadness slip away as it was replaced with a feeling of hope and excitement for my new future, of not knowing what will come. Maybe embracing the new, the future is the key to letting go? Maybe that is our Nathalie Portman? The new guy, the new city, or in my case, the pretty buildings with the romantic fire escapes. Allowing it to quietly slip on stage little by little as the weary past is allowed to sink behind the scenes, making way for new adventures to come.


Moving is such a tiresome job. Therefore I am off to Miami to rest and tan my weary pale self for a few days. Till then enjoy some photos of my first impressions of my new home. Have a lovely week!

Monday, June 18, 2007

Le Psychological Steps of Moving: Part 11

If you cried it all out during the three week low then you should be excited about 'the other side' at this point.

Le Goodbyes
The trick is - and this is very very important - never to say goodbye. Because let's be honest, you are only going to be leaving family and friends, and if they are family and friends you will see them again, right? Because when you get to your late twenties, you tend to like to travel and when your friends move away, you take the opportunity to go visit them. Or you come back at regular intervals and see them again. So my point is, there are no goodbyes.

When you do in fact 'leave' the person, just look into their eyes and say 'see you in X months' or 'see you soon. Thank you for everything, I love you lots. I will be back next year and I will see you then.' Give them a big fat hug, a kiss on the cheek and let go.


Thank you for everything Munich. It has been a terrific five years. I love you lots and will see you in December.

Le Psychological Steps of Moving: Part 10

Le Separation Anxiety
:(. I wanna take my [insert something comforting]. And my [insert something very pretty and comforting] :(. Not to mention my [insert something utterly fabulous. Seriously, you have NO idea how insanely gorgeous it is]. I want them with me there :(. I will miss them so much, I will lay awake nights thinking about them and pretending they are there with me, comforting me :(.

Le Psychological Steps of Moving: Part 10

Le Packing
Sigh. I love this [insert complete unnecessary but equally lovely object]. I HAVE to take it with me. I'll simply die without it.

...8 hours later...

Fit. FIT!!!! Damn you *&%$^. I don't understand why I can't take three suitcases? Why do we have all these limits anyway. Limits that stand in the way true love between me and my [insert incredibly beautiful object that may not really be used every day]. Maybe if I sit on it...

Le Psychological Steps of Moving: Part 9

Le Goodbye Parties
Huh? I did WHAT last night? Damn [insert country] [insert national drink]!!! Wait, did I even say goodbye to anyone? Oh. Before or after I tried to pass out on the wall in front of [insert embarrassing dingy bar? Did I cry? Okay good, nice and painless.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Le Happy Fun Ball

Do not taunt Happy Fun Ball.