Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Le Birth of a Christmas Tree Part 1

Day 1 of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

Day 2 of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

Day 2 of the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

Now that Thanksgiving weekend is over, New York is starting to prepare for Christmas. They put the famous tree up at Rockefeller Center a couple of weeks ago and now they have just started to decorate it. I'm hoping to catch them in the process this week and catching it all on camera. I love going to Rockefeller Center, I always get really excited when I'm in that area.

My book is going well. I finished my project for work and am now being very diligent with the novel I have 31,276 words and have until Friday midnight to get to 50,000. I'm not too worried, it's going to be fun to tell my story.

In other news I am going home next week to see my family and friends in Munich. It's been five months and I've missed them soooo much. It would be great if I was able to get on that plane an employed woman, but we'll see what happens. You never know.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Le Writing Group

My little bit of blue sky peeking through the clouds

I can feel that my current wave of tough times is coming to an end, at least for now. I am finally healthy for the most part, I stopped actively looking for jobs and have been concentrating on finishing a short-term project I am working on, and I feel mentally, emotionally and spiritually stronger. I will resume my job search in a week. It's almost as if the city was gently toughening me up so I have the endurance to last here. It was a dark two months but one of the things that pulled me out of the darkness was beginning to write again. It gave me such joy and I can't believe I ever stopped.

Another thing that helped me was reading the blog of my fellow Munich writing group (http://www.sofiasays.com/Blog/). She also writes an excellent website called http://www.reasontoexist.com/. If you ever feel down or lost, I found it very inspirational. I miss my Munich writing group, but we have been keeping in touch over group email and sharing news about our novels. I am also attending New York Nanowrimo meetings trying to meet local writers. Everytime I walk into the room full of writers I am hit by a wave of warm energy. It's lovely and I have met some good people.

I am currently at around 7000 words with my novel when I should be at over 25,000. But I know I will still finish. The bulk of my project ends tomorrow so I will have my evenings free to write and catch up. I can't wait.


Friday, November 16, 2007

Le Summertime

Summertime by Ella Fitzgerald

This song found me today on the internet. I was on YouTube looking for background music to get me going at work and the first thing that came to mind was Ella Fitzgerald. This song was at the top of the search and I clicked on it not knowing what it was. Turns out it's the song I've been looking for since I first heard it at Symphony in the Park this summer. I just kept searching for 'hush little baby' on Google but with no luck. So packaged in the voice of an angel, she came and found me instead.

I guess if it's meant to be it will be; even if destiny has to come find you.


Friday, November 02, 2007

Le Halloween in NY

My holiday greeting

Yesterday was my first Halloween in America as an adult. Since I have never really been trick or treating before, a Kind Soul let me trick or treat in his apartment on Tuesday. I was greeted with a HUGE holiday greeting spelled out in candy, and the rest was like a scavenger-hunt and very fun. I have to admit I was very giddy as I wandered around with my little basket looking for candy.

My basket full of candy

On Halloween there were special cupcakes for everyone at work:

The cupcake tasted a bit like chalk but the ghost turned out to be a ring which I was very pleased about.

That night the Kind Soul and I went down to the Village to see the parade. It was CRAZY. There were thousands of people in the streets all dressed up and it was a unique experience. Even my favorite downtown clock put on a special colorful costume for the occasion:

Halloween also marks another important day for me: It is the day before National Novel Writing Month begins. I am very excited to start writing again this year. I decided to do a continuation of last year's novel which was a diary of my November/survival guide for being 26 and confused. This year's theme will be a diary of my November/ survival guide to being homeless in New York. I will try to share as many tidbits with you as possible, especially since I feel like I haven't been sharing enough of my life with you guys. I'm looking forward to a fun month!