Sunday, July 30, 2006

Le Gossip

Dude, what's up with Mel Gibson? Remember when he was actually cute and sort of goofy? Now he's just the passionate religious guy who's thinks it's normal to look like Osama.

...I have no words...what the hell happened to Mel Gibson??? Where did he go wrong??? Someone get this man a stylist or a razor or a bag to put over his head.

I've had a really really good weekend. Friday night I went to the Leos Sports Club summer party which was sponsered by Porsche. It was the first time where I've been to a party in Munich that felt like it was happened, very Sex and the City. I danced, chatted, sat on the hood of a silver Porsche and took full advantage of the open bar. It's okay, because on Saturday my hangover took full advantage of me. I spent the better part of the evening lounging on a chair on a balcony while friends barbequed. It was pretty sweet. I love summer.

I'll leave you guys with something easy on the eyes (and ears): my new favorite video, Sexy Back from Justin Timberlake. And let me tell you, he DEFINITELY does bring sexy back. I love this video, it reminds me of Madonna circa Erotica and Too Funky from George Michael. Very 90s. Very trendy. And very HOT :). Enjoy!

[Due to technical difficulties (ie. my technical incapabilities) we (ie. I) can't directly embed the video. So here's is a link to it:]



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