Friday, July 14, 2006

Le Bastille Day

Today is Bastille Day. I decided to celebrate by seizing the day during lunchtime. Somehow living for the moment and enjoying your lunch seems to epitomize the French spirit to me. I left work alone and walked to towards Blutenburgstrasse where I found a cozy little Italian Osteria with outside seating in the shade. I sat down at a worn square wooden table decorated with a water glass filled with daisies and a light blue wooden chair that reminded me of the pastel-colored buildings on the hillside at Cannes. I ordered a coke, which the friendly waitress brought in a Maxim’s glass. I placed my open book on my lap while I watched people go by, carrying groceries; children ate ice cream while adults went about their daily chores. I could smell musty books and wooden furniture as Frank Sinatra’s voice serenaded me through the open window of the restaurant. It’s moments like these when you pause life for a moment and allow yourself to take a peek.

I recently read an article on Korean photographer Atta Kim in the New York Times. He uses a special technique where he exposes film for long periods of time, which often results in blurred images. One photograph in particular stayed with me; a busy New York street corner exposed for eight hours showing nothing but buildings, traffic lights and the streets. Though they had passed through, people and cars barely left their trace. Here, life had taken place in between all the weddings, appointments, dates and planned vacations. It may be those moments we remember most, but it is the in betweens that take up most of our time. Just like white light is made up of several colors, this photograph documenting the action of a busy corner in the city that never sleeps is little more than blurry emptiness. Everything is nothingness.
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Have a beautiful weekend.

I also seized the day today to FINALLY purchase a camera ☺. Yes, after three months of trying to pick one, I decided on the Panasonic below. She is very beautiful. I haven’t tried her out yet, but I have decorated a Hello Kitty sticker on her so she’s pretty much good to go!

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