Sunday, April 03, 2011

Le Creepy Winter

Dear Winter,

We need to talk. We broke up on March 20th when I fell in love with Spring, but I don't think you've gotten the point, since I see you everywhere I go. You were there on March 21st when Spring and I were supposed to have our first date, and I've seen you every day since. It's like I'm being followed or something. Sometimes you let Spring shine some sun on me, but then you swoop in again and completely block any warmth that may come my way. In fact, you even snowed on me on Wednesday. Snow!! Spring and I were not pleased, to say the least.

Look, we've had a lot of fun together, you really let me indulge in cute hats, my new uggs, and cozy sweaters and I will always appreciate that. It was great while it's lasted, but it's time to let go. We both need to move on. I want the space to get to know Spring some more, and I've heard that you have a ticket to South America, which I'm sure will be great for you. So please please stop coming by to see me every day. It's starting to get creepy, and dare I say this is turning into stalking. I've got Spring waiting around the corner and some cute dresses that have been waiting patiently to be let out of my tiny NYC closet for months. Maybe when you're back from your trip in December, we can grab coffee or something. Until then, I hope we can give each other some much needed space.

All the best,


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