Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Le Fortune

I recently took a really interesting personality test which gave me both beautiful and tragic results. It was sent to me by my friend Keith (http://www.keithball.net) and I just wanted to share it with everyone:

You must pick either...

1) The slide
2) The round-a-bout
3) The small chair thing that's shaped like a chicken that’s got a huge spring underneath it that bobs around.




Personality breakdown:

This shows that your personality is bubbly and people love to be around you. All your friends think you're great and want to be you. You have character, maybe some people consider you to be down right weird, but whatever it is your quirky nature gets you noticed. Your favorite past time is just chilling out.


You will marry a block of cheese at some point in the next 10 years, only to get divorced after you find out the cheese as been cheating on you with a Mongolian cheese merchant called Rumberdinkogo. You'll change career a couple of times, but you'll never find anything that really makes you happy as to be truly happy you would do nothing. You'll travel in space.

Lucky Numbers:

1, 2 and 3.

I wonder what kind of easy cheese I will end up with. Probably an irresistible parmesan. Sluty Italian fromage. Too bad I love it so much. I just hope it all happens soon so that I have time to find someone new after the divorce. Overall I really like the test, although I have never been called weird by one of these things before. Usually these things are full of empty compliments, but this one feels like it was written by someone who really knows me. Interesting.

Speaking of cheese, would any of you eat cheese from the bottom of an oven? I don’t mean if you were forced to at gun point, I mean if you were toasting mozzarella cheese tomato sandwiches and some mozzarella dripped onto the bottom of the clean oven floor and you scooped it up with a spoon and shoved it into your mouth. Would you do that? Nah, me neither.



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