Monday, October 15, 2007

Le 20 Dollar Bill

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I was walking down the street the other day and found a 20 dollar bill on the sidewalk. I feel like a little kid when I find money, even pennies that have been discarded all over the city. This time it was even more special because I've been a bit broke and have been trying not to buy anything I don't really need. Money I find on the street, however, is a whole other story. I was only allowed to use it on spoiling myself.

I decided to break out the 20 on a cold, rainy October day, the third week into my annoying cough/cold and on another motivational low. I purchased the following:

- "Eat, Pray, Love" by Elizabeth Gilbert
- A very girly bookmark
- Soup and a roll at Ollies the Dim Sum place which I enjoyed over my new book

I had read about the book the day before I found the money and feel like it was something I was meant to have. It is about a woman who goes through a divorce and decides to randomly learn Italian one day for no other reason than because she finds it beautiful. After a couple of spiritual instances, she decides to take a year out of her life to travel. The book is well written and feels especially relevant to me right now because it is about someone making something out of nothing, about someone who travels and someone who fulfills her dream. I guess I can relate to that a bit and it was nice to be inspired when I get close to giving up.

I still have 59 cents left from my 20 and I am saving it for another day. It's going to be more difficult to spend it on something special, but it will be fun wandering around Manhattan trying to find something. Another journey to look forward to.


Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Le First Day of Work in America

No Schultutes in America (Source)

The Zen must be working because last week my friend found a temporary position for me at her company. It is a relief considering I am a couple of weeks short of broke. Things have progressed very quickly and today was my first day of work in New York. I would like to sum up the experience in list form, if I may.

My First Day of Work in America
By Sabrina

- I was sick on my first day of work in America
- However I did not call in sick
- Instead I got to work early and needed to get picked up at the front desk
- I had to bring my own computer
- This was my first time in a cubicle
- My cubicle was formly a storage space
- My cubicle is colder than the rest of the office
- The office is very cold, therefore my cubicle is freezing
- They say 90% of your body heat escapes from your head
- I worked the whole day hidden in my cubicle with a pink self-made scarf around my neck and my sweatshirt hoodie on my head
- I looked quite ghetto
- Tea cost only 50 cents in the cafeteria
- I get 50% off all the products the company sells
- I like the products the company sells
- It was someone's birthday so there was birthday cake minus the birthday song
- The bottom of my shoe half came off right before the birthday cake, so I walked around part of the day with a flapping shoe
- I couldn't find any glue
- I had to announce during the birthday gathering why I was wondering around looking for glue
- I purchased Krazy glue for the first time, which worked for a total of 4 hours
- Everybody was very friendly
- I didn't really see any differences between German offices and American offices
- I didn't really see much of a difference between my first day of school and my first day of work
- It was fun, but I am looking forward to working from home starting next week