Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Le Sade

I love how certain songs and certain lines of songs can transport you on a trip down memory lane or to lives you’ve never lived. Whenever I hear Sade’s beautiful, delicate voice, I suddenly find myself in New York City on a warm summer night. The sound of the opening chords of ‘Like a Tattoo’ sees me standing at a window looking out at all the shiny skyscrapers standing tall like soldiers. I can smell summer in the air and feel home right below my heart where my instincts lie. This place, this image has been in my memory since I was a child. I have yet to find out its meaning, I have yet to live in New York City, and I have yet to find home. Until then, I relax and simply relish the journeys my mind takes on musical highs.

Tomorrow I am off to a foreign land to visit a dear friend in Dublin and I can’t wait to see how both will stretch my mind and inspire me. I wish you all a lovely weekend and I will be back next week hopefully with lots of photos and stories to share with you.

Le Breens

In case you haven't figured it out, the little pink boxes are music players. Just press play :)!

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