Sunday, June 11, 2006

Le Army

Something’s going down. I can feel it. Some sort of cult or organized religion has started to emerge and it is catching on like crazy. People belonging to this group are undistinguishable from others save for one tiny detail: The White Headphones. They are everywhere; the street, the u-bahn, even on TV. The iPod army building up, waiting to take over the world.

I shall not stand for it. I’m going to wear black headphones in protest and invent an mp3 player and call it the antiipod or ‘aPod’ for short. It will be bulky, ugly, hard to use and bad quality. We’ll show them. And then I shall put up a music website called antitunes or ‘aTunes’. Only it will not sell music but sounds such as bells, cow moos, clanking and the soothing tunes of a vacuum cleaner. The aPod will only work with aTunes. It’s okay, each sound can be used on three computers, one aPod and burned onto CD. For your listening pleasure.



Anonymous Robin said...

and don't forget ocean waves. You gotta have ocean waves on there. I'm writing you an email right now!

9:49 PM  

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