Thursday, June 22, 2006

Le Virus.3

I almost got killed by the virus yesterday. I was on U6 u-bahn headed towards the stadium via the city center and made the near-fatal error of trying to get off at Marienplatz. There I was, facing about 350 raging football fans with just my purse and my brand new hot pink Motorola Razr phone still in the box to defend myself with. But I somehow managed to squeeze myself through the airtight crowd and get out the other end in one piece with my purse and phone still alive.

The trip back home was great though. I ventured back down to the Marienplatz u-bahn and stood back to watch all the crowds brimming with energy as they waiting for more trains to lug them to the stadium. They cheered and whistled everytime an u-bahn came in. It’s hard to believe considering that normally people almost talk in whispers at u-bahn stations here. And now there is noise. Noise! It was awesome, all that energy was so infectious it just made me smile, even though it had almost killed me an hour earlier. I guess everything has its price.



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