Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Le Contents of My Suitcase


When I packed for my big move to New York City from Munich, I chose things I love, things that made me happy, and special finds that I rarely used but loved dearly. I didn't think I would need anything too practical, since I thought I would get settled very quickly.

Today, I would like to share with you, some of the contents of my suitcase for my move from Munich to New York:

Two pairs of jeans
Countless dresses/skirts
A few sweaters
Towel - Hello Kitty design
Face towel - pink
Face products
Prada perfume
White patent leather boots
Elegant fall coat (not warm enough for NY winter)
Home made pink scarf
Hot blue leather gloves
My CD collection
4.5 mm wooden knitting needles
Furry yarn - Pink
Hello Kitty stickers
Pink gym bag
Gym shoes
Four fedora hats
Fur stole from Zara
Pink feather evening bag
All work recommendations and articles I had written
Mini disk player with a set of empty mini disks
The Notebook



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