Friday, November 02, 2007

Le Halloween in NY

My holiday greeting

Yesterday was my first Halloween in America as an adult. Since I have never really been trick or treating before, a Kind Soul let me trick or treat in his apartment on Tuesday. I was greeted with a HUGE holiday greeting spelled out in candy, and the rest was like a scavenger-hunt and very fun. I have to admit I was very giddy as I wandered around with my little basket looking for candy.

My basket full of candy

On Halloween there were special cupcakes for everyone at work:

The cupcake tasted a bit like chalk but the ghost turned out to be a ring which I was very pleased about.

That night the Kind Soul and I went down to the Village to see the parade. It was CRAZY. There were thousands of people in the streets all dressed up and it was a unique experience. Even my favorite downtown clock put on a special colorful costume for the occasion:

Halloween also marks another important day for me: It is the day before National Novel Writing Month begins. I am very excited to start writing again this year. I decided to do a continuation of last year's novel which was a diary of my November/survival guide for being 26 and confused. This year's theme will be a diary of my November/ survival guide to being homeless in New York. I will try to share as many tidbits with you as possible, especially since I feel like I haven't been sharing enough of my life with you guys. I'm looking forward to a fun month!



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