Monday, June 18, 2007

Le Psychological Steps of Moving: Part 11

If you cried it all out during the three week low then you should be excited about 'the other side' at this point.

Le Goodbyes
The trick is - and this is very very important - never to say goodbye. Because let's be honest, you are only going to be leaving family and friends, and if they are family and friends you will see them again, right? Because when you get to your late twenties, you tend to like to travel and when your friends move away, you take the opportunity to go visit them. Or you come back at regular intervals and see them again. So my point is, there are no goodbyes.

When you do in fact 'leave' the person, just look into their eyes and say 'see you in X months' or 'see you soon. Thank you for everything, I love you lots. I will be back next year and I will see you then.' Give them a big fat hug, a kiss on the cheek and let go.


Thank you for everything Munich. It has been a terrific five years. I love you lots and will see you in December.


Anonymous Keith said...

Good bye, Sabrina. ;P

11:26 PM  
Anonymous susi said...

bye bye...once again, all the best and keep following your dreams! you are a winner!!! beijos

5:23 AM  

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