Saturday, February 17, 2007

Le End of LRTWF2007FW

Hot black mini dress by Jens Laugesen

Marc Jacobs rounded off a short London fashion week with his Marc for Marc Jacobs collection to mark the opening of his store in London. The clothes definitely improved and got more interested as the week went on and Friday had some shop-worthy clothes. A running trend through several of the collections was face-covering with veils or masks marking what I assume are Islamic influences. Meanwhile others went for a whole Star Wars look (yes Gareth Pugh and Giles, I'm talking about you). I have no words. Let's get to it! All images courtesy of

Red suit Marc by Marc Jacobs

Gorgeous shirt Marc by Marc Jacobs

Plaid mini dress Marc by Marc Jacobs

Darth Vader by Gareth Pugh

Princess Leia by Giles

Princess Leia goes to the Wiener Opernball by Giles

Leia in Wonderland by Giles

Attack of the giant scarf by Giles

Cute hippie-dress by Giles

Chic by Nathan Jenden

Pink dress ideal for a movie premiere by Nathan Jenden

The Perfect Dress for hiding big hips and flabby stomach while looking sexy by Jens Laugesen


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