Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Le Oscars and Year of the Golden Pig

Oscar nominated actress Maggie Cheung photographed by the New York Times (source)

The Oscars are around the corner and the New York Times has an excellent series of photographs of some of the nominees including Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Penelope Cruz (link). They also have a short film on some of the nominee's first movies (the Leo DiCaprio one is on youtube).

Chinese New Year began on Sunday and according to Yahoo I am going to have a terrible year:

Don't be misled by all those favorable months -- this is not likely to be a good or a bad year, but rather one with mixed results. You have unlucky stars around you. If you are in commerce, you could do very well. Other Monkeys could be looking at a mediocre year. Alone-time is more likely to be your lot than budding romance. You are susceptible to illness and especially accidents. Source

So basically I am going to die poor and alone this year. Humpf. Whatever. I mean, you made Yahoo king of the world anyway? The trick is usually to keep looking for forecasts that you like better but I just couldn't be bothered. So happy new year to all of you anyway, especially those that want to make babies (it's a good year for making babies).



Anonymous lofi said...

yes, Maggie Cheung, btw, she is amazing. she is one of the Great Performers of 2006 selected by the NY Times, instead of the nominee, for Clean released in the US last year, 2 years later than in Europe and some Asian countries/regions.

5:56 PM  

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