Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Le First Day of Work in America

No Schultutes in America (Source)

The Zen must be working because last week my friend found a temporary position for me at her company. It is a relief considering I am a couple of weeks short of broke. Things have progressed very quickly and today was my first day of work in New York. I would like to sum up the experience in list form, if I may.

My First Day of Work in America
By Sabrina

- I was sick on my first day of work in America
- However I did not call in sick
- Instead I got to work early and needed to get picked up at the front desk
- I had to bring my own computer
- This was my first time in a cubicle
- My cubicle was formly a storage space
- My cubicle is colder than the rest of the office
- The office is very cold, therefore my cubicle is freezing
- They say 90% of your body heat escapes from your head
- I worked the whole day hidden in my cubicle with a pink self-made scarf around my neck and my sweatshirt hoodie on my head
- I looked quite ghetto
- Tea cost only 50 cents in the cafeteria
- I get 50% off all the products the company sells
- I like the products the company sells
- It was someone's birthday so there was birthday cake minus the birthday song
- The bottom of my shoe half came off right before the birthday cake, so I walked around part of the day with a flapping shoe
- I couldn't find any glue
- I had to announce during the birthday gathering why I was wondering around looking for glue
- I purchased Krazy glue for the first time, which worked for a total of 4 hours
- Everybody was very friendly
- I didn't really see any differences between German offices and American offices
- I didn't really see much of a difference between my first day of school and my first day of work
- It was fun, but I am looking forward to working from home starting next week


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tea only costs 50 cents in the cafeteria? Apparently, the cost of living is much lower in Munich: In the companies I know, tea bags cost 5, 10 or 20 cents, and hot water is free. Hmmm, maybe you should consider coming back, would save you so much money in the longer run...! ;-P


12:27 PM  
Anonymous MollyB said...

You DID it!

Hope things are going well ... and that I don't stay tied up here for too much longer.

3:20 PM  

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