Thursday, August 03, 2006

Les Conversations with my Cousin

Cousin: Hebrewhebrewhebrew hebrewhebrew.
Me: uh huh. [smile]


Scene: Me and 10 year old cousin on couch. Me teaching cousin how to knit.

Her: Is this right?
Me: Here, always keep this on the right, I mean left. And hold this part with your shoe. With your shoe!!


Scene: In Muji, walking past the clothes

Her: Is this for men or for women?
Me: No this isn’t a Lebanese store. It’s Japanese.
Her: [stare] Is it for men?
Me: No it’s only Japanese. You know, Japan? Asia? China?
Her: [after long period of just staring] No no, not Lebanese. You know women, you are a women and then there are men. hebrewhebrewhebrew
Me: [stare]...[pause]...I don't know.


Scene: Crossing the street

Me: Come. Give me shoe!
Cousin: [gives me her hand]...[giggles]


Scene: In bed waking up. Rain pouring down outside

Me: It’s sunny outside.
Cousin: [smiles] [pause] [looks out the window]. It’s not sunny. It’s raining!
Me: Raining? What does sunny mean?


Cousin: Hebrewhebrewhebrew hebrewhebrew?
Me: [silence]…what?
Cousin: What time hebrewhebrew hebrew there?
Me: [silence]…..I don’t know.


Scene: Listening to Shakira

Her: What's the name of this song?
Me: Illegal
Her: Illingal?
Me. Illegal
Her: Illindwal?
Me: [melt]

Sigh. My brain hurts.



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