Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Le London Fall 2007 RTW Collections

Peter Jensen brings depressing back

You can tell the '90s are making a comeback when all of the models in Peter Jenson's show look extremely depressed. Or maybe they just couldn't smile because their hair was pulled up so tight on their heads. Although that wouldn't explain why all the models at Todd Lynn and Topshop were also miserable. Hmmm.

I could barely get through all of Duro Olowu's show since all of the models were so skinny!! It was pretty gross.

All in all I found very little inspiration in yesterday's London shows. Here are some clothes I was able to pick out. All photos courtesy of Style.com.

Nice skirt by Duro Olowu

Extra cool by Noir

Funky by Noir

Love the pants by Richard Nicoll

Misery by Todd Lynn

Total Emo by Topshop

Nice Emo dress by Topshop


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