Sunday, February 11, 2007

Le End of NYRTWF2007FW

LOVE this outfit by Donna Karan. I'm gonna wear the hell outta this one come October

This was my last post on the New York Ready to Wear Fall 2007 fashion week (or NYRTWF2007FW) collections. I have had the most fun shopping here, but it is time for me to continue on to London fashion week (or LRTWF2007FW) which starts tomorrow. However first we should finish off with New York. And what a finish. I wanted to buy out Ralph Lauren's entire collection, but managed to restrict myself to a couple of fine outfits. I also picked up a couple of odd items from other designers to add to my fall wardrobe. Enjoy. All photos courtesy of

As hard as it it, try to focus on the lovely coat. I am NOT looking forward to those pants coming back, but with that coat they look especially bad, like one of those 3rd eye images. Coat by Anne Klein

Shiny purple dress by Anne Klein

White dress by Carmen Marc Valvo

Elegant coat by Carmen Marc Valvo

I love how this dress romantically falls. By Carmen Marc Valvo

Perfect for an awards ceremony by Donna Karan

Ralph Lauren brings classy back

Beautiful shoes by Ralph Lauren

Pimp bubble vest by Ralph Lauren

Outfit by Ralph Lauren

Audrey Hepburn by Ralph Lauren

Fun by Tommy Hilfiger


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