Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Le First Grade V-Day and Tragic Puke

Heart Candy

When I was in the first grade in the USA everyone had to buy Valentines Day cards for the entire class. So we bought the cards and my sister (yes, the '80s child. Just picture her with big hair and a Madonna outfit circa 1986) wrote all the names of the people in my class on the envelopes for me. At the time I couldn't really write, or, well, speak English so I was often disoriented at school when things didn't go according to schedule. The next day I marched off to school and finally the time came to tape brown paper bags to our desks and walk around handing out cards. Once I deciphered the mayhem, I looked down at my cards only to realize[dramatic pause] that I couldn't read the writing*. I kept asking people to help, and they did, but I didn't want to bug them with every card. In the end I gave out the cards at random, so some people got four, others got two, some got none. But it all ended okay because I got allllllll these cards which I still have (I love getting cards) and they are very cute and happy and come from an honest and non-political place. Sigh.

So happy V-Day everyone!!! I hope you got lots and lots of cards in your brown paper bags or...inbox. I didn't get any cards today but I got a lovely email with cute angry smileys forming a heart. It came from an honest place and totally ruled and made me smile :). Anyhoo, onto some fashion.

Tragic puke on the runways of LRTWF2007FW, specifically Fashion East, picked up right where Heatherette left off in New York, and was upgraded with drugged-up looking models. Ugh. But then I found some lovely shoes at Paul Smith to make up for it, so it all ends well :). All images courtesy of

Puke on acid by Fashion East

Barf boy by Fashion East

I'm too sexy for my pants by Fashion East

Shoes fetish-worthy by Paul Smith

OMG more hot shoes by Paul Smith

Nice velvet dress by Paul Smith

Sleek coat by Sinha-Stanic

*It turns out that even today adults cannot read my sister's writing at work. Humpf.


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