Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Coversations with Tif

Courtesy of Life.com

Conversation with Tif on MSN messanger

Sabrina: hey
Sabrina: quick question
Sabrina: do you know a guy in london named saywd from bangladesh who works in financial something or other?
Sabrina: he is 23
Tif: hey
Tif: why would i know him?
Sabrina: dunno
Sabrina: just thought you might
Sabrina: i met him in rome
Sabrina: and he was really nice, very older brotherly
Sabrina: and i think i gave him the wrong url for my blog
Sabrina: or he just hasn't gotten in contact
Tif: you are crazy
Sabrina: why?
Tif: there are 8 million people in London
Sabrina: yes, but you never know, do you?
Sabrina: i know you don't know everyone
Sabrina: but it was worth a shot
Tif: :)
Tif: an incredibly long shot babe
Sabrina: but still
Sabrina: a shot
Sabrina: :p
Sabrina: next time you are looking for someone in munich
Sabrina: who i *may* know
Sabrina: you can ask me
Tif: ok
Tif: i will
Tif: do you know Herman
Tif: Herman something or another?
Tif: he works in IT
Tif: :P



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