Thursday, November 30, 2006

Le Emo

I've been told I can be, like, a little emo, but I just think I have the right to, like feel. In case you're not, like, 15 and don't know what emo means, here is a definition:

The term "emo" has also been used in recent years on the Internet as a form of insult, especially toward those who appear emotionally unstable, or those who talk about issues in their personal lives to people in public forums or chat rooms. Similar to popular profanity, it tends to be used as a general insult even when it is not directly applicable. Phrases such as "cheer up, emo kid" are used frequently as a quick brush-off in this context. Some people use the term "emo" to describe a feeling of depression, alluding to the association of depression with the "emo" subculture. [Source:]

It's something all the cool people are saying, so you should know it. So you're not made fun of by like, teenagers and stuff.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think the power of emotions is not very well understood. We have made some progress in studying space and structure (= mathematics), movement of large bodies or small particles (= physics), functions of cells and molecules (= biology and chemistry). But the only field that made some progress with studying emotions were music and the arts in general, but we still understand why we like what we like, or why we feel depressed. Actually being depressed is not very much a problem as long as one can climb of it again. Without depressions there wouldn't be learning or progress, is my impression.

another emo.

8:47 PM  
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