Friday, September 01, 2006

Le Zipper

Audrey Hepburn - Always poised no matter what
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The zipper on my pants broke this morning while I was at work. So everytime I left my desk, I walked really fast and had to hide behind chairs and stuff when I talked to my collegues. On my way home on the bus, I had to keep my thick coat on in the heat and cover my lap. Kinda like those dirty men on the subway who jerk off to pubescent girls. You know, perverts.

When I turned 26 I promised myself I would be poised. It was the one thing I really wanted. Happy – too hard. Thin – uh, keep dreaming. But poised, now that seemed achievable. But what did I do instead? Things like, oh I don't know - repeatedly bump my head into the Starbucks sign when I was sitting on the couch under it and hit myself in the face with the phone at work. And fall into the street, in front of a car. And two days ago, I walked into a pole when saying good bye to friends. Sure I was consoled by the cute guy with crystal blue eyes afterwards. But still. Was it poised? I think not.

My current wish for 26? Stay alive and remotely in one piece.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The road to wisdom is plain and simple,
it is to err, to err, to err,
but less, and less, and less."

From boy-perspective: I once heard a story from a casa nova type of guy, that there are basically two approaches to get a girl-friend, the first is being a Mr. Perfect, like Tom Cruise or Brat Pitt maybe, but the second strategy would be just by being confused, like playing to role of Hugh Grant for example. I think non-perfect people often can better communicate the feeling of affection, while the attraction of perfect people is only based on sex-appeal. And in general, I think we make mistakes all the time, and in combination with play, it might give rise to our wonderous capability of generating a better future. It is play that is important, not the avoidance of mistakes....


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