Monday, August 21, 2006

Le Sidebar

As some of you may have noticed I finally managed to update my sidebar (thanks to Kieth and Craig for their help). Come on, let's take a tour!

Le Quotes
These will probably change from time to time. Thank you to anonomous for posting the current quote in my comments. I don't know who you are, but I enjoy reading what you have to say.

Le Blogs
Fool's Errand belongs to Gene aka papa geno. He's an amazing writer. I used to do writing workshops with him and also DJed for the open mike nights he used to organize.

Letters to Marc Jacobs is just that. A blog by a woman who writes letters to Marc Jacobs. They are absolutely lovely, I love her language, her style. When I need to be inspired at work, I read a couple of her letters. I don't read them all at once since I don't want to waste them. I also really like the idea of writing to someone you admire. If I wrote to people I looked up to, it would be slightly different:

Letters to Eric Bana:
Dear Eric Bana,

I saw you in Munich, the movie, and found you very very hot. You look really good without your shirt on and I loved your character too. My feelings for you are very pure.


Letters to Dustin Hoffmann,
Dear Dustin,

I saw you once in Munich, the city. I would have said hello, but you were on the phone and I didn't want to bother you. You were wearing a strange hat, it look like a cross between the big one Jlo likes to wear and a cowboy hat. I know you were trying to avoid being recognized, however maybe you should try a style that's a little less weird and more hip? I recently rewatched The Graduate and realized you are very very hot. You look really good without your shirt on and I loved your character too. My feelings for you are very pure. Drop me a line if you ever want to go shopping together. We can pick out a new hat for you together.


Letters to Hello Kitty
Dear Hello Kitty,

I often get laughed at for loving you, but they just don't understand that our love is pure. It's the real deal. You make me smile and have been there when times were tough. Thank you for being cute and being you!

Love always,

Le Funny
Zach Braff's blog. Need I say more?

What Would Tyler Durden Do is currently my favorite blog. He is sooooo funny and according to my male friends, has lots of hot pictures on his blog too. So if you want to laugh, go there.

Le Gossip
These are pretty self explanatory.

Le Links
I love reading the NYT art sections, another thing I do when I need to be inspired at work.

Toytown Germany is useful for anyone who needs information about Germany, or has a couple of hours to waste arguing about...stuff.

Le Music
I love that picture. It was made for me at work for my birthday card (as far as I know there are no photos of Hello Kitty DJing). I was so touched because it made me realize that people at work do know me.

Instead of putting songs on every post, I will just link songs in this section. One of my favorites right now is Corcovado. I am in love with Astrid Gilberto's voice. When I hear it, I immediately find myself in a flowy cocktail dress on a terrace overlooking rugged Californian hills. It is the 70s and I am looking at the stars and sipping wine on a warm summer night surrounded by elegant people.

Radioblogclub let's you put together your own stations, Pandora puts together stations for you based on your favorite song, and Radio Paradise is an independent radio station which plays all kinds of music (they have even played Corcovado). It is excellent, especially if you like things like the Garden State soundtrack. And the DJ has the most soothing voice, he sounds just like Bob Ross.

Have a lovely evening!




Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mysteries make the world interesting. About mine: I would like to find out how memories and learning are related to each other, and find better ways of %artistic/ ^expression*. You could tell your computer about your goals, and it would try to help you with discoveries what is inside us. For example, helping to enjoy the simple things, similar what a poet from the 17th century did with the following haiku:

"When summer winds blow
in this blest South Vale, they
bring the cool fragrance of snow."

p.s.: I enjoy reading your writings as well... actually, very, very feminine viewpoint, and the basic message that happiness can be found in shopping (don't agree though)

1:55 AM  
Blogger Sabrina said...

Dear Anonymous,

You're right, mysteries do make the world more interesting, and more romantic too. I love that I have one of my own :).

As for the message that happiness can be found in shopping, I understand how my posts may give you that impression. However in reality, I am not under the illusion that material goods lead to longterm or 'real' happiness. Buying little things can give you momentary pleasure and buying clothes can give you a new identity, look or feeling when wearing them once or twice. But if you have nowhere to wear them to, or no one to show them to, they lose their meaning. Why? Because at the end of the day, it's all about the people that surround us and fulfilling our dreams.

7:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a short answer. My name is Patrick. I apologize about my remark on shopping, it was not what I wanted to say in the first place. I am not sure, if I am welcome to comment about your posts, so, if you prefer "not to question your logic" (quote from Kill Bill) I will stop.

Now to your remark. I think it is very true what you say, and your writings are indeed not about the material stuff itself, only about the questions on identity that they can provide. And my personal observations up to now is that questions about oneself are incredibly complex, and also the questions regarding happiness (and suffering) related to this. I only have the impression that people who elevate themselves above others can be dangerous and don't realize the wonderous human capability of critical thinking. After all, we humans are so far the only known species that can change their beliefs. I also agree, that fashion can be a great medium to demonstrate this, but only to a very small minority of people in the world. This is why I like some parts of Asian mentality, and some parts of our Western thoughts in music, painting and literature: True beauty should be free for everyone, and we should look for this quality in all our endeavours (nice put, or not ?) And so far, I liked what I saw in your blog.

8:41 PM  
Blogger Sabrina said...

Dear Patrick,

I love it when people comment on my blog (hint hint people) and I really enjoy what you have to say so don't stop. "True beauty should be free" - how right you are. I'm glad you enjoy the blog :).

10:15 PM  
Blogger Sabrina said...


Anyone is welcome to question my logic - if we don't question each other's theories then how will we ever get to a higher level of reason?

10:17 PM  

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