Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Le Petit Prince

A fabulous Gucci shoe courtesy of www.style.com

The life of a single girl can be tough, but sometimes it catches you off guard. Like when you are out with friends and end up meeting a prince from Dubai. Yes, a real prince. On a recent girls night out, I was feeling a little unloved, unattractive and underappreciated when the said meeting took place. The girls and I went clubbing and were dancing when a group of guys came to dance with me and then asked if we would like to join them at the VIP area. It would be fun and all our drinks would be paid for. So we went up there, and this guy kept motioning to me to come sit next to him and although I hesitated, I went and sat down. One of his friends then told me that he is a prince from Dubai and I should be careful. They have lots of princes there, apparently. So I sat there, with my ego all happy since I got picked from all the girls. He was really really polite and respectful, and we just chatted. Then the clock struck 2 and my last u-bahn was about to turn into a pumpkin, so it was time to say farewell.

He didn't make me a princess, but he made me feel attractive and desired again. Exactly what the doctor ordered ;).

Sweet, fairytale-filled dreams!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This makes me remember the story from the judgement of Paris, an old mythological fairy tale. Maybe you remember as well: Paris had to award a golden apple to the most fairest goddess. There was the choice between Hera, who would make him king of Europe, then there was Athena, who would gratefully give him wisdom and skill in war, and there was Aphrodite, who would enhance the charme of Paris with flowers and song and the love of the world's most beautiful woman. Paris gave the apple to Aphrodite and with the movement of the beautiful Helen from Sparta to Troja, a war started that lasted 40 years...

Princes, princesses and orient work quite well together, also remember the story of the beautiful Scheherazade, who was not yet bound by u-bahn timings, bound by other things, less attractive actually...


5:17 PM  
Blogger Renia said...

Nice shoes!! Fit for a princess...

2:53 PM  

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