Thursday, August 10, 2006

Le Camera

I've had my camera for a couple of weeks now and can already take some pretty funky photos. Of course I still can't take a decent one in a well-lit cafe at night, but making light streaks? No problem. Here some of my favorites:

As you can tell, my favorite features are long-exposure times and black and white.

I spent my Tuesday night blowing bubbles with my cousin. I have two bottles of bubbles in my room, one that I bought in my first year in Paris at a junk shop and the other one given to me by a friend. My cousin discovered one in my room and went straight to work. At first I kept having minor strokes everytime she got too close to my iBook, but soon I had to join in the fun. Kinda like in the movies where the business man meets Pretty Woman and she helps him be more carefree.

It's strange how something so simple can be fun and liberating. I blew huge bubbles just to catch them again, and admire the way they reflect bluish hues, greens and soft peach-pinks. When I looked into them, I could see my room, round, upside down and distorted. It was fun while it lasted, and it didn't last long, since someone got the liquid in her eye. Don't ask me how that's possible.

When was the last time you blew bubbles?

Time to go. I have a ten year old staring holes into my back and waiting to watch '13 going on 30' for the fifth time.

Good night!

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Anonymous Keith said...

Pretty Woman was a whore. People seem to forget that she made her money out of sucking mens whatsits.

12:58 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

A pitty that I don't remember the last time my room flying in a water bubble. I can remember my favorite concept for light though, the sun's raindrops. I think water and light are two of the most amazing things in our universe. At the end, our selves seems nothing to be water as well, always heading from darkness to light.

10:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sob... I blew bubbles last week, it does make you feel like a kid again... you should take pictures of the bubbles... and come to the party on monday night!!! bring the bubbles, I can bring my bubble gun!

11:09 AM  
Anonymous robin said...

The last time I blew bubbles was about 3 weeks ago with Daniel on my sister's back porch.

8:39 AM  

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