Friday, September 15, 2006

Le Princess and Kate Bush

A Zac Posen Creation Fresh off the Runway. Courtesy of

I finally found decent-looking speakers for the iBook today. They are very mini, shiny white and simply pretty. And - best of all, they get along with my iPod Nano, which means I have the tiniest stereo in the world now. Absolutely awesome.

While I was at it, I also bought Hounds of Love by Kate Bush and B'Day from Beyonce. I love "Ring the Alarm". It is a bit aggressive, but kinda makes me want to listen to Eminem. Sometimes aggression is good as long as it's just the music. And Kate Bush is perfect for those quiet states of mind.

I discovered a really cool game today called Vera Wang Princess which tells you what kind of princess you are. I happen to be a rock & roll princess, which I am very happy with.

What kind of princess are you?

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Blogger Christina said...

Hooray, I got 'Rock n Roll Princess' too! It was a nice game :)

10:55 AM  

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