Friday, September 08, 2006

Le Conversations with Boy George

Boy George Le Fabulous DJ - Munich, September 7, 2006

Me: I think you're fucking fabulous
Him: [Eyes light up] Oh are you American?
Me: Yeah
Him: Where are you from?
Me: [shit shit shit] I live here in Germany
Him: Yeah but where in America are you from?
Me: [quietly] My parents are from Azerbaijan...
Him: Where?
Me:[pondering whether to make something up or launch into five hour story of where I am from] New York
Him: Oh [goes back to his albums]

Boy George Le Fabulous DJ - Munich, September 7, 2006

I love Boy George. I went to see him DJ for the first time earlier this year and was enthralled. My sister (the 80's child) was the biggest Boy George fan when she was 13 years old (I was 4), which means that I grew up on his music. When he smiles, he reminds me of how my sister was when she was a teenager, so full of life. In my mind, he is the way she was then, equally as passionate and energetic. He just puts on his music, grins cheekily and is simply happy. I love it. It takes me back to my rosy-colored childhood. And I love how he is nice to people. He lets them take photos, dance on stage, and signs album covers for them. He didn’t give a fuck about anyone.

Le Mini Urban Lifestyle Tourbus - Munich, September 7, 2006

Munich seemed to be full of life that night, the first time I've ever seen it like that when it isn't Octoberfest or the World Cup. First of all there was the Mini event where Boy George DJed. I also spotted two MTV VJs there and was very excited (Patrice and another one).

Then, Prada was open at 9 o'clock at night. There was a doorman outside and a velvet rope. We couldn't figure out why but there you go. And then Perfume premiered in Munich and we stumbled upon the after party:

Perfume After Party - Munich, September 7, 2006

Perfume After Party - Munich, September 7, 2006

Perfume After Party - Munich, September 7, 2006

We thought about sneaking in but didn't bother.

Glass Booth and Gigantic Speaker for the Pope - Munich, September 7, 2006

And preparations were underway for the Pope's visit to Munich this weekend. Unfortunately I was beer-gardening and didn't get to see the pope. But that's okay, I still thoroughly enjoyed myself hanging out with friends and catching some sun. The rest of my weekend was pretty chill. I learned to crochet flowers, which is nice :). And now I am about to pass out, so time to put some Scrubs on and go to sleep.

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hey.. did you make any more flowers?

do you watch scrubs All The Time?

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