Monday, May 22, 2006

Le iBook

I had a fight with my iBook last night. I would be lying if I said I wasn't the one who started it. I wanted to test out the laptop and see if it would play all my movies and TV shows and it wouldn't read anything non-kosher. It wasn't too happy about store bought items either. I guess I was asking for too much too early on. I really should have taken the time out to get to know it and how it works. But there is no need for tantrum throwing.

Like last night. I put in my legit Sex and the City DVD and it kept bickering and giving me error fits and then it wouldn't give the DVD back to me! So I had to pull the plug and restart it. You know, give it a few minutes to calm down a bit. Then I googled "my white laptop is a bitch" and hallelujah, I found VLC software. It's totally free, made in France :) and lets your Mac play ANYTHING. Thing is though, I already have the damn software but it too has the habit of throwing error fits at me. So I finally went onto the official VLC website and read the lovely user manual and voila - now it works like a charm. It even spits Sex and the City back out when I ask nicely.

Sigh. A computer is just like a relationship. You just have to take your time and know which buttons to press to turn it on ;).

And if you happen to end up with a bimbo like I did, patience is a virtue.



Anonymous Bob The Builder said...

I think its pretty obvious that actually your laptop has more taste than you. Its decision to try and stop you watching such a crappy show was probably the best thing it could have done. You then hacking it to get around its self built protection mechanisms was just plain naughty.

Why does nobody think of how the hardware feels as it plays shows of 50 year old slags dressed to the nines in large apartments they couldnt possibly afford while shagging most of New York?

Oh the humanitiy!!!

12:17 PM  
Anonymous Big C said...

I still can't believe that Macs don't ship with a movie player that shows files other that Quicktime movies.
Oh well - they look nice I guess...

11:56 AM  

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