Sunday, December 02, 2007

Le Day of Endings

Friday was my Day of Endings. I had my last day at work and then ran off to finish my National Novel Writing Month novel which I uploaded around 2.5 hours before the deadline. The last week of November was one of the hardest. I got sick again with a mutant earache and was very stressed about finishing everything, being broke and mostly about what will happen after this month. But once Friday hit so did Zen. I finished everything with ease and I felt like something new was about to begin. I even got a lovely text message from a Kind Soul that commemorated the ending:

I am so proud of you..congrats, not just this month but overcoming every obstacle that has come across your path with grace. 

I decided to take Saturday for myself and celebrate this new phase. I woke up to find out that I was getting a manicure and massage as an early holiday present, which was perfect. After the pampering, I continued my day by going to the Guggenheim Museum, doing some holiday shopping and then rounding it off with a Thank God it's Over Party in the Financial District. I loved going all over the city and just enjoying it. 

Today is the first day of snow in New York City and it's fab, but of course I would say that considering I haven't been outside yet. I am off to Brooklyn today and then off to Munich on Tuesday to see my family and friends after five months. I am very excited and trying not to worry about what happens afterwards. Hopefully this new phase will be a good one. By the way this weekend has been going, it sure looks like it. 


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