Monday, December 11, 2006

La Roma - The Land of Trees and Buildings

My first night in Rome, I arrived at my bed & breakfast to find the place deserted. It was on the 3rd floor of an apartment building and I walked around the hallway for a bit wondering what to do until I saw this on this note on the door:




So I called Marco and a lady picked up. She told me that my key was hidden behind the flower pot in the hall. How's that for European cliche? It put a smile on my face. The bed & breakfast was not bad; excellent location and friendly staff.

B&B 3 Coins
3rd Floor
Via Dei Crociferi N/26
00187 Roma


I freshened up and went out to walk around:


The next morning Karla arrived and we set off to explore the city:

OMG plants!


The Pantheon is my favorite building in Rome. I just sat there, stared at the ceiling with light coming through it. A piece of art in itself. I forgot about the world and thought about God:


Time to stop for lunch!

Cute place, but probably much better at night since they have live music and a wine bar. The food was good and it is conveniently located somewhere between Piazza Navoni and the Vatican.

Ristorante Monteforte ai Coronari
Via dei Coronari 180
00186 Roma
Tel. 0668134055


K, time to keep going!

Ooo, trees!

Above Piazza del Popolo...


My happy place in Rome - the Spanish Steps.


Stop off at a bead store that sells beautiful Morano beads owned by a Lebanese man.

Soffi di Vetro
Via della Panetteria 32/a
00187 Roma
Tel. 06 69 202 092


Our first dinner in Rome. There goes my low carb diet! Lovely place with books, a cheese corner (with a huge selection) and tiles on the walls. Great place for an Italian meal. They also have other locations which look equally as good.

Osteria Enoteca
Via della Frezza, 16
00100 Roma
Tel. 06.32111482


Off to a club called La Maison. Plush furniture, chandeliers and a good mix of music. Mingled with Argentinean and Italian rugby players. They had played against each other that day and everyone was worried there would be a fight. However other than a small hiccup it was fine. I hope this is the right address:

La Maison
Vicolo dei Granari 4
00186 Roma


Five in the morning, two young girls in front of the Trevi Fountain. No soul in sight except for a police car parked above the steps and a lonely man in a red coat who stands nearby, watching them. Two girls sit in front of the masterpiece. They stare, marvel, take photos. They are full of admiration and quietly point out details. The moon is high above them, bathing her light in the running water, making the wet coins sparkle. The night and the fountain belong to the girls. One of them counts out coins; three coins for three wishes to be thrown in. There are only five coins, so one makes two wishes on a quarter. They stand in front of the fountain, backs to the water. They silently seal their fates and throw the coins in one after the other. The coins fall into the fountain. After one last look, two 26-year old girls walk off, back to their hotel for a couple hours of sleep.


Last day in Rome. Karla goes to pay her respects to the Pope.

I pay my respects to Dior.

Next stop Florence!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent photo's !

Now, you might think on renaming "le blog" to "il blog"...



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Blogger Rania said...

Great blog. This is a relaxing blog, well written and photos are great. The inspiration will come again after the holidays.
"The Bird"*

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