Saturday, February 16, 2008

Le Love in The Times

Love quarantined behind a barrier in New York

There is a wonderful definition of Love page in the New York Times. My favorites are Hollywood Love (the eyes, the smile, the raised eyebrows), Lawful Kisses (including spiritual ones) and Ingredients (traces of mixed emotions??).

I know I am a day late with the Love stuff, however I was busy doing laundry yesterday and did not have time to post. Yes, laundry. I am not a big observer of the V-Day holiday since I feel like no matter what I do romantically, it will never fulfill the expectations the name arouses. Laundry did not disappoint me though. Everything came out very clean and smells fantastic, so I was very content.

I hope you all had a clean, yummy smelling and happy Valentines Day.



Blogger Susanne said...

Well, I did have a nice Valentine's Day, only it wasn't very Valentine-ish since we had a toytownwriter's meeting. It was just two of us though. And at the end the waitress asked us if we wanted a bill for tax purposes...

1:40 PM  

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