Thursday, December 21, 2006

La Torino - Land of Lanterns

Santa Maria del Monte dei Cappuccini

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I loved Torino. I felt so much more comfortable there than I did in Rome and Florence. I don't know if it was because I was closer to home (i.e. Paris) or if it was because Karla's family made us feel so welcome. They were so warm and reminded me of my relatives. On the night we arrived, her uncle and cousins picked us up from the train station and drove us all over the city. It was decorated for the holidays and full of festive lights hanging in the streets.


Afterwards we went to a Neapolitan pizza place. The waiter was very entertaining the food delicious.
Regina Margherita
Piazza Savoia 2
Tel.: 011/4310287


The next day we slept in and went straight to lunch at this beautiful little restaurant on the Po river right behind the Valentino Castle (now an architecture school). We were still full from the night before so we just had antipasta while we listened jazz music. It was perfect.


Then we went for a walk into town while the sun began its departure behind us.


La Mole, Torino's museum of cinema.

I went up to the top in the glass elevator and admired the view from the top. The elevator goes through the middle of the buidling and was scary but also really exciting.


Back to walking around.

At this point I just couldn't take any more pictures. It was all so beautiful and I just decided to soak it all in rather than demean the city with photos that just didn't do it justice.


The next day we got some retail therapy done on Via Roma before going to a sea food restaurant for lunch.

Terrazza sul Po
Corso Moncalieri 172
10133 Torino


One last gelato before we leave Italy. It was soooo good and they let us taste a bunch of the flavors before we had to make our choice. Karla's cousin bought a big vat of it which they weighed! I thought that was pretty sweet.

Piazza Paleocapa 1/D
Tel. 011/5119067

I was sad to leave Italy, but extremely excited to go to Paris. Homeeeee :) :)!!!!!!

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