Sunday, October 01, 2006

Le Cologne

Le Dom, conveniently situated right next to the train station

Last week I was sent to Cologne on business. That sounds much more professional and important than it was, trust me. Anyhoo, at least it gave me a chance to get out of Munich a little, spend the night in a hotel and see a city I have never been to before. Cologne was interesting, especially the view from the bridge at night. You can see three beautiful historic structures among a sea of industrial boxy buildings that look like were put up in a hurry. The vibe of the city was different than Munich. It's much livelier and for some strange reason felt like being in the DDR in the 80s. I've never actually been to the DDR in the 80s, but that's how I imagine it would have been like. Here are some photos of what I discovered:

Cool KGB bar with red interior

More KGB bar

Bar right next to the KGB bar

My hotel room bed in green light

Painting in my room hotel, also bathed in green light

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Blogger Patrick Mulder said...

I like the pictures, especially the green tulip on the green walls, and the green bedroom. Makes you remember those happy days in spring.

Cologne indeed is a very socialistic place. Its rival city along the Rhine river, Duesseldorf, is much more posh. But for fashion, Belgium is probably the most interesting place in that area, especially Antwerp and maybe Brussels as well.

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