Friday, June 20, 2008

Le Road to Self Discovery: Getting Fit

A belly dancer who looks nothing like me in class. Source

I have frequently been going to the gym recently in order to get into shape. I am learning a lot about my body such as what kind of machines I react well too and my pain threshhold. But the most significant discovery I have made is that I am a dyslexic belly dancer.

I have always been bad with my lefts and rights, constantly having to make an effort to remember which is which. However I never thought my body was the same way until I took Belly Dancing class. I watch the teacher go left, and my body will do the same thing to the right. I look at her in the mirror, and I start going backwards. God forbid we have to move from the spot we are standing, because then I can't even walk. Basically, I look a lot like Goldie Hawn in House Sitter at her dance class. I just do my own dysliexic thing while everyone else is gracefully in sync.

Nevertheless the class is fantastic and I highly recommend it. My teacher is this tiny skinny thing who goes nuts when she turns on the music. I love how happy she looks when she's doing it, it makes me enjoy the class more while I get into shape, both backwards and forwards.


Blogger Susanne said...

It'll get better. Everybody has to learn how to translate the teacher's moves into her own body. I have become quite good at this but then I have started at the age of ten, and done lots of different kinds of dancing over the years.

I'd love to learn belly dancing. That's something I never tried.

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