Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Le Restlessness

The source of my restlessness: Wes Anderson's short film Hotel Chevalier

My feet have been itchy and I've been restless for days. It all started when I watched Hotel Chevalier and the beginning of The Darjeeling Limited right before I went to sleep. I just couldn't get over the last shot of Hotel Chevalier, showing the rooftops of Paris. I could just feel the city running through my veins, and I felt so homesick for Paris at dusk, the way the street lamps are on even though it's still light out, and the air is sweet with Spring.

The next day I was all over the place. I couldn't get comfortable, and felt starved for...something. In an attempt to cure my situation, I went to Barnes and Nobles and unleashed my imagination on the two stories of books. First, I sat in the International Travel and Maps Aisle as I went for a drive on the California coast, with a brief bike ride in the middle. I went to The Big Sur, admired the color of the water and of course paid a visit to Napa. Then I moved on to classics like Siddhartha and Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. I loved baking cupcakes with the tidy utensils that come in the set with the book, and finally got to decluttering my apartment with Feng Shui in the spirituality aisle (which I ended up taking with me).

Two hours later, I left; body still unnerved, but my mind full from all its adventures and in need of a rest.


Blogger Susanne said...

Hi, nice to hera from you again. So, is this wanderlust again?

3:47 PM  
Blogger Sabrina said...

Unfortunately I think it is. I can't believe I'm new in NY, have the whole city to explore and still have the need to go elsewhere. I think it's a disease.

It's nice to be back :)

4:15 PM  
Blogger Katie said...

Just rediscovered your blog girlie, love reading your elequent brain farts :oP
what's that line in Nelly Furtado's Flames to Dust "travelling I only saw the exits, wondering if I'd stay young and restless"...certainly something we share, I'd say it's more or a condition rather than a disease!

6:46 PM  

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