Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Le Dream Resurrection


How to bring back dreams that have died or left you:

1. Acknowledge the death of the dream

2. Investigate the possible causes

3. Once found, remove the instigator immediately. Due to their virus-like nature, dream-killers will eventually spread to your other dreams and soul

4. Wait. Allow your soul to slowly get accustomed to the now safe environment

5. Begin to act as if the dream were still alive, and proceed with small steps that you would have taken had it had never gone away. For example, if your dream is to go on a roadtrip on Highway 1 in California, purchase a USA guidebook. This sends a positive message to your deceased dream, letting it know it is safe to return.

6. Keep at it time and again, and with regular intervals of space, it will return one day. Perhaps you will be taking a nap at home, and upon waking up, you get a wanderlust for the late-afternoon Californian sun. You dream the brilliant ocean is glistening to your left, while you drive a red convertable on those beautiful windy cliffs.



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