Thursday, March 12, 2009

Le Gregor Samsa

One morning, as Sabrina LeBreens was waking up from anxious dreams, she discovered in her hallway Gregor Samsa, a monstrous verminous bug, searching through her trash. Sensing someone watching him and hearing the terrified screams, he quickly scurried into the bathroom. He hid as he listened to the fearful panting coming from the next room. The lights came on, and he watched Sabrina grab a tall yellow rain boot. It would be her weapon of choice. She examined the boot to make sure he wasn't hiding in it, then scurried back into the other room. Both vermon and human were equally terrified. He heard curses and waited. She curried back into the corridor, grabbed the trash - his trash - and left the apartment. He watched sadly from behind the toilet as she closed the door behind her. He waited until she was asleep, and made his way into the apartment next door.

At 7:37, two loud bangs on the wall were heard coming from Sabrina's neighbor's apartment. Silence ensued.

The End.


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