Thursday, July 19, 2007

Le Spirit of Sailing

The spirit of sailing is infectious, specifically when you go in the early evening. The waves slowly rock you back and forth, back and forth while the sun sheds a deep golden light as it begins its graceful exit. The silence is a peaceful one, calming even the most tense of minds. In order to get to this point of zen you must first get past your avid fears of drowning. This often requires twenty minutes of intense praying, clinging onto the sides of the boat and a snug, albeit unflattering, life vest. After indulging your anxieties, a good dose of pride and calm sailing partners help you begin to relax. At this point, the color of the sky should be changing from gold to pink. After reaching the point of absolute relaxation, make sure to take lots of photos and dare to go to the front of the boat for the best views of the pink sea.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That really looks amazing... Not even summer in Munich can compete with this ;-) good to see tha you are having such a great time! Nina

1:25 PM  

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