Thursday, March 29, 2007

Le Conversation with the Artist

Courtesy of Conde Nast Art- Vanity Fair Cover, July 1, 1921 by A. H. Fish

Me: I enjoyed the show I thought it was good.

Artist: Thank you, I'm glad you liked it.

Me: I really admire you. You just go, do your thing. You're an all-round artist and you're not even scared. Do you have a day job?

Artist [sarcastic tone]: Nope. I'm a starving artist.

Me: Are you really starving??

Artist [sarcastic tone - glass of wine in his hand]: Yes. I am starving.

Me: I just think it's so great because I have a day job but I really like to do creative things. I like to do different things but I just get worried and get scared. And I am not sure how to combine them. I need to find my path.

Artist: You just need to go for it, find a way to combine them and go for it.

Me: Yeah, I just need to go for it.

Artist: Jump and the net will appear.

Me: Build it and they will come.

Artist [looks intently]: Jump and the net will appear.

It's time to jump.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

kriss kross is going to make you JUMP JUMP... your new york friends are hoping you JUMP JUMP (soon!)!!! :p

1:39 AM  
Anonymous phil said...

When you jump, make sure some people are there with the emergency blanket to catch you too!

12:33 AM  

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