Sunday, March 18, 2007

Le MyFaceSpaceSter

Courtesy of Conde Nast Art

I have been bullied into joining Facebook (you know who you are). It's cool. Now the whooooooole world can see that I have 1 friend :D and am part of 1 group. In case you don't know, Facebook is a network website where you have a profile and then a list of friends, and then everyone can see how many friends you have and can be like ooooh, I'm more popular than her. So basically it is the new MySpace which was the new Friendster in its time. But in Facebook you can search for people, which I guess is like Friendster. So yeah. This is the new Frienster, y'all. Except that now that everyone who is anyone is part of Facebook, no one is in Friendster anymore so you have to come to Facebook. It's like if everyone hangs out in Bar X but then suddenly Bar P opens and everyone starts going there. So be cool. Come to Bar P. We have canned goods.

I am having real problems finding most of the people who sent me invites, I guess I'm getting old.. or I don't know your full names. So please add me :D. I have canned goods with Hello Kitty stickers on them.


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